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“Is that fine?”

“You promised to pay 100,000 points, so it can’t be helped.”

Chiyabashira-sensei talked with an amused tone as she continued to look at us in wonder.

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“Horikita, you also understand, right? Ayanokouji’s skill.”

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“…Well… I only see an unpleasant student.”

“What do you mean by unpleasant…”

“You purposely got low scores on tests, thought to get old test questions and give the credit to Kushida-san, and came up with the idea of buying test points. I don’t think you’re particularly special, you’re just unpleasant.”

Somehow, it looks like she heard about the test questions too.

“If it’s you guys, you might actually be able to move your class up.”

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“I don’t know about him, but I will definitely rise up.”

“In the past, there’s never been a case where a class D has been promoted. It’s because the school immediately labels you as inferior and pushes you aside. How are you going to accomplish that?”


Without wavering, Horikita returned Chiyabashira-sensei’s gaze.

“Honestly, many of the students in class D are inferior. However, that doesn’t mean they’re trash.”

“What’s the difference between inferior goods and trash?”

“There’s a paper thin difference. I think that with a little help, there is the possibility of improving an inferior good to a superior quality.”

“I see. When you say it, it sounds oddly persuasive.”

I had to agree with her words as well. Her words were certainly significant..

Horikita, who previously looked at other students and people as a hindrance, was slowly changing.