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He, who wields〈Vanargand〉,seems not to be affected by the cold air released from there.

(This is bad…)

The longer this match lasts, the more body temperature I lose. Which will put me at a disadvantage.

(It is getting worse and worse…)

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Now that my body is still listening to me, I have to settle it as soon as possible. Impatiently, I immediately ran towards Sid-san.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

Yatagarasu, which should’ve been able to unleash eight slashes – ended up with only six slashes.

「Gyahahahahaha! What happened!? There is only『six』,you know!?」

With a laugh, Sid-san easily shot down the six slashes.


With a body that has decreased functions to this extent…… There is no longer a chance to win from going head-to-head.

(If so, I just have to go for his rear…)

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Then I inserted「Second Sword – Hazy Moon」in various places, exchanging blows with him so as not to seem unnatural.

After that,


「Nnー, reached your limit already?」

Sid-san, who was convinced of victory, slowly headed towards me with his sword resting on his shoulder.

(…Positioning is perfect)