Do those online betting make money?

Do those online betting make money?

If only I drank water, if I drink even a drop, you, all of you... all of you...... all of you...... get crumpled up... crumple!

“Ah... aaahh...... aaaaahh!”

That’s right, could crumple them up! Just kill em!

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Kill! Kiilll! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllll!!!!

So drink water! Water! Water! Water! Water!

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“Hey, what’s with this guy? A hobo?”

“Maybe he’s a little crazy, too.”

“Should we call Dr. Eisha?”

Kill Kill Kill Kill!!!!

Water Water Water Water!!!!


Kill Water Kill Water waterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkillwaterkill!!!!

“Ah, uah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Ah! There’s water in front of the store over there!