What are you doing money?

What are you doing money?

Ma Yang’s eyes were filled with joy.


Pei Qian recalled that he had indeed promised Ma Yang to a celebratory buffet costing more than 50 yuan per person.

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“Alright, let’s go!”

Even though he did not get his hands on that 300,000, he had 2,000 at least...

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It wouldn’t be overboard to spend 100 yuan on a meal with an income of 2,000...

However, Pei Qian could not get his mood lifted at all...

Towards the south of the school, a rather decent buffet restaurant had opened up costing 58 per person. For the students of 2009, that was considered an extravagant place to dine at.

Pei Qian sat on his seat and watched expressionlessly as Ma Yang piled plates of cakes along with a huge drink.

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The barbecued meat for the buffet was limited based on the number of people dining. However, cakes, vegetables and fruits were free-flow.

It was clear that Ma Yang had entered with a hearty appetite, expecting to be stuffed when he left.

“Brother Qian, why do I feel like there’s something bothering you?”

“Indeed, your character as a rich second-generation heir is being exposed!”

“This game must have earned you a couple hundreds of thousands at least, right? Why do you still look so upset? Could it be that you had higher expectations?”

“Besides, you’re not even batting an eyelid at all the delicious food!”

Ma Yang gorged while he asked without being able to speak properly.

Looking at all the food, Pei Qian casually picked a few pieces of meat to eat – they ended up being tasteless.

Even though he was only a normal salaryman in his previous life, he had his fair share of high-end buffets in Beijing. AS such, all of these budget buffets no longer felt like anything to him.