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To be precise, nothing was enough to influence these players.

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However, what if this video could publicize the behavior of Dawn Games platform, let more rational gamers join in, gradually dilute this group of short-sighted gamers, change the gamer structure of the entire platform, and spontaneously form a better environment?

This might require a certain process. It was not something that could be done in a day. What’s more, the price was huge. It required long-term losses.

However, there was still hope as long as they persevered.

Whether this would succeed or not would depend on how one viewed the entire gamer community.

If they thought that most of the players were short-sighted, irrational, and focused only on the immediate benefits, Dawn Games platform would definitely not last long;

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If they thought that most players were rational people who could distinguish the immediate benefits from the long-term benefits, as long as Dawn Games platform held on for a long period of time, it would slowly develop. In the later stages, it would become smoother and better.

Yan Qi asked himself honestly. He would still choose to believe the latter.

Reality and ideals were different. Similarly, reality and expectations were also different.

Many people had to believe in something in order to have meaning in life. That was the only way to have goals and the motivation to persevere.

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“I should learn from the people on Dawn Games platform. I don’t want to live forever, but I want to have a clear conscience.”

“Just continue working on my game!”