Why don't you invest online?

Why don't you invest online?

“Tell Ryuuen that if it were me, I would have been able to secure more than 5 wins, using a better method. Please pass that on to him.”

“-Okay, I understand. I’ve memorised your message, and I’ll pass it on for you.”

As if she was expressing gratefulness, she held her hands together, closed both her eyes and smiled.

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It seems like in addition to Ishizaki and Ibuki, Ryuuen also had other good allies.

If Hiyori were able to easily control those 3 people from going out of control, then she would become an even more dangerous opponent.

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And just like this, Hiyori ended the conversation about the end of year exam.


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Normally, we would already have parted, but the most important thing would come after this.

“If anything catches your eye, feel free to take it back and read them.”

She opened her bag again and took the books out.

We originally met up to talk about these books.

“Can I? The book’s borrowed under your name though?”

“I’ve already gotten permission from a teacher. Although it’s not ideal, it’s fine as long as I returned it on time.”

Because Hiyori was a top student who always went to the library, it wasn’t surprising that she got special treatment.

And after we’ve discussed everything there was to discuss about the book, drank our tea and said our goodbyes…

“It seems that I should change my evaluation of her.”

Until today, I’ve only regarded her as a student from the same year. Maybe if I went further, she was a friend with mutual interests.