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Li Shi gave Pei Qian a firm nod and thend back to the other investors. “That’s silly! Boss Pei was testing how determined you are!

“Before this, all of you were saying that you wouldn’t invest in any other project but Boss Pei’s. Now, after walking a little and seeing superficial things, you’ve changed your mind? You’re so easily swayed!

“Just think about the investors who didn’t trust Boss Pei when we invested in “Top Student, Come Quick’ back then. What has happened to them?!

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“Do you want to part ways with a promising project, just like them?”

On hearing Li Shi’s words, those who had looked like they wanted to back out earlier became determined once again. They exchanged meaningful looks and fell into deep thought.

Then, Li Shi turned to Pei Qian and grinned. It was almost as if he was saying, “Don’t worry, nobody will back out with me around!”

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Pei Qian, “...”

He was exhausted.

Pei Qian felt like he had run into a pack of wild dogs on the streets. He had narrowly escaped their lethal fangs by scaring them into retreating, and then some prankster decided to throw a bone at him.

Obviously, Boss Li was the prankster. As the saying went, one had to see it to believe it. Many investors had thought about backing out when they saw how desolate and deserted the place was. Yet, Boss Li’s words turned them around!

A few investors exchanged looks as if infected by Boss Li’s determined tone. For some reason, they thought that he was making sense.

Before this, everyone had agreed to invest money into this project. That was one way of putting it. It’s just that, to businessmen only concerned about profit, oral promises were not promises until they were written on paper.

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However, what really bought them over had been Boss Li’s last few sentences.

Boss Pei was testing how determined they were!

Just think about ‘Top Student, Come Quick’! Everyone recalled that the same thing had happened with ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ back then. Boss Pei kept persuading them to back off, causing many investors to be shaken.