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"Tendo, this way! You came at the right time!"

"Ah, Uehara-san. Sorry for being late. Cleaning duty took longer than expected."


Amano immediately straightened his back… It seemed that his fear of Tendo was growing by the day.

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Tendo had her usual perfect smile as she walked over, then politely bowed and greeted the two people who sat stiffly.

“Thank you everyone for inviting me to join the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’. As I also had my own club activities, I haven’t decided yet. But I will consider it seriously after joining today’s session…”

She looked at Hoshinomori, at this juncture, and paused for some reason.

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"Erm… T-Tendo-san."

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Strange? What happened? Why was Tendo looking at Hoshinomori intently? They were from the same class… But they were not enemies or anything, right? Didn’t seem like they had anything in common.

As everyone was baffled by this development, Tendo suddenly came to her senses and asked Hoshinomori:

"Erm… S-So Hoshinomori-san is also part of the Hobby Group.”

“Y-Yes… Ah, I am sorry about turning down your invitation to the Gamers Club that time…”

Hoshinomori acted timidly. I overlooked this part, so it was my fault. But… The thing bothering Tendo didn’t seem to be issue with the Gamers Club…

As I expected, Tendo alternated her glances between Amano and Hoshinomori

Amano said hurriedly:

"Ah, I have to apologize too. I turned down the Gamers Club, but joined this group instead…"

"N-No. That is fine… Erm… as expected… T-The two of you would rather form the Gamers Hobby Group than join the Gamers Club because both of you are here…?”

Oh shit, so that’s what this is!