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“Yet, now, I know that I was wrong. The Sloth Apartments’s business model is far better than I can imagine!

“After you talked about the ‘focus theory’, all the Sloth Apartments were snapped up and rented out. I thought that would be the limit, and that we would not be able to earn more than that.

“But I was wrong again!”

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Pei Qian’s heart fell when he heard that.

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You were wrong again?

Then... aren’t I wrong as well?

“And so?” Pei Qian tried his hardest to remain calm.

Lu Mingliang and the others, who were seated beside him, listened in on the conversation, wanting to know what new entrepreneurial techniques Boss Pei had come up with this time.

Liang Qingfan excitedly continued. “Over the last two days, Sloth Apartments has been getting an insane number of phone calls!

“A few clients suggested that we help them to design their houses in the same extreme minimalistic fashion as Sloth Apartments! They all offered high prices, according to the market rate for first-tier designers. On average, that’s about a thousand yuan per square meter.

“One client wanted us to help design a five hundred square meter villa in the same manner as Sloth Apartments was designed. He offered five hundred thousand yuan!”

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Pei Qian had been tense.