Where can I write a message on the Internet?

Where can I write a message on the Internet?

“Ridiculous. Summer vacation means nothing to me. Why are you inviting me in the first place?”

“W-why? Why are you so blunt?” Sudou scratched his head as Horikita didn’t understand his feelings, but then he turned the switch.

“Because this is how it goes. Look, ok? A guy invites a girl to go out when it’s a holiday…”

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Although I felt like I wanted to see Sudou’s efforts, I was called by Miss Chabashira earlier. I feel better when I finish unpleasant things quickly.

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“Hey! Where are you going?”

Why is Sudou calling me, again?

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“Where do you think I’m going? I was called by our teacher, so it can’t be helped.”

“Just wait a little? Can’t you be by my side?”

That expression made me feel extremely uneasy. His thick hand grabbed my arm, holding my wrist.

“Please watch over my fight. And respond well.”

“Don’t speak nonsense!… Bye.”

While doing these worthless exchanges Horikita finished getting ready, leaving the classroom without hesitation. Sudou ended up watching in utter amazement.

“…Damn. Useless… Should I go to the club activities, instead?”

As soon as Horikita left, I was not needed anymore so I was free to go. As I was arriving in the Instructor’s room, I saw Miss Chabashira waiting in front of it holding the door half-open.

“Get in.”

“I don’t understand the reason I was called, at all.”

“Let’s talk inside.”