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“…Oh, Keita, s-so you don’t want to spend even a second looking at my underwear, is that what you are thinking right now?”

“Dude, what drugs are you on right now? You are going haywire today.”

“N-None of your business.”

“Honestly, I would rather see that you’re drying kelps outside.”

“Being a seaweed isn’t my feature! You’re the same, Antman has been getting all your fame lately.”

“I’m not proud of how tiny I am!”

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We just stared at each other before turning away angrily.


“..Eh, weird! Didn’t I want to get along with Keita!?”

Why are we so incompatible with each other? It’s just as natural as breathing for us to start fighting each other, but is it still too difficult for us to play nice?

I took out a glass from the shelf and reached for the fridge. But then…

“No, if this goes on, Keita will just chug the wheat tea and go home…But, I haven’t made up my mind yet…I-I need to drag this out first…!”

I exclaimed upon the realization, “Oh, right!” Then, I looked at Keita again.

“C-Can I go back to my room to charge my phone first? Um, there could be some important messages waiting for me!”

“Eh? Oh, okay, that’s fine…Um, if that’s the case, I really don’t need any wheat tea or anything, I will leave after I got the pass holder…”