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(…He’s coming!)

The next moment,


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He released a loud vigorous roar and rushed at me in a straight line.


Even while feeling the pressure from his loud roar, I strengthened my spirit and opened my eyes wide.

However, what unfolded there was a ridiculous scene.

No matter how much time passed, Dodriel does not get close to me.

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To be more precise, he was running slowly towards meー as how children pretend to play with swords.

(What the hell is Dodriel thinking…?)

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I immediately came up with an answer to that doubt.

(I see, is that so…… There is no value in taking me seriously, huh…!)

「You are not worth my true power」ー that’s what that guy was implying.

How frustrating.

I didn’t expect him to make a fool out of me to this extent.

I was under the impression that he would at least take the duel seriously.