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Is online teaching lottery really make money?

What if he had to work overtime or go on business trips in the future? What would he do if it was after lights out for the dormitory and he wasn’t allowed to head out?

Therefore, it was perfectly logical for him to rent an apartment.

Besides, the rental wasn’t really expensive. He could even afford suits that cost tens of thousands of yuan so he naturally could afford an apartment rental.

The year was 2009. Given Handong’s property market, even an intricately designed two bedroom apartment in a high-end neighborhood would cost less than 2,000.

This was unlike 10 years into the future where even a single bedroom apartment would run in the ballpark of 7-8,000 in Beijing.

Since the system did not give out any warnings, Pei Qian received over the card holder without any stress.

Flipping through it, he found a key, access card and a small little note that had the address of the apartment written with Xin Hailu’s dainty handwriting.

The neighborhood was not too far from the school’s south entrance – a couple tens of metres.

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“Alright, have a good rest then. I’ll send the newly purchased clothes to your address within a couple of days.”

The Cayenne then drove off.

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Pei Qian felt extremely pleased.

The fact that the system did not ask for a stop to his behavior meant that he was still rather righteous in his actions!

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Scanning the access card, he entered the high-end neighborhood near the school.

When he was still schooling, Pei Qian had only seen this place from the outside and had never entered it before.

Following the written address, Pei Qian found his two bedroom apartment.

Opening the door, he was stunned.

Even though it was two bedrooms, the size was closer to that of a three bedroom as he estimated it to be around 140 square metres.

The furniture were all fully stocked.

Even the bedsheets, blankets and toiletries were prepared thoroughly.