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Keita, -he gave us an unexpected reason.

“T-That’s incredible! T-This is the level of an open-world expert, right!”


We fell speechless. However, Keita got close to Ao excitedly and continued.

“This is the first time that I saw someone flipping the controller on purpose!”

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It was not until now that Ao realized that she’s holding the controller wrongly. …Ah, she started shivering with a face as red as a tomato. What’s this? It’s adorable. From what I know, this is the cutest Ao in history. At the same time, it’s the most pathetic. It’s as miserable as a rabbit being bit and carried around by a lion.

But Keita didn’t see Ao’s face as he pressed on.

“However, I didn’t know that Saika-san loves gaming too! Exactly! Otherwise, a charming lady like Saika-san will never get close to Kiriya-san. His looks are scary, his temper’s twisted, and he got a slight eighth-grade syndrome, after all!”


Keita didn’t even notice my cold protest. He’s still pretty worked up…as if he already forgot the things we’re supposed to talk about. The boy continued.

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“If that’s the case, Kiriya-san! Why don’t we let Saika-san play this game today!”

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The situation turned toward an unexpected end. For a moment, we freaked out and froze. However, …a bit later, Ao and I quickly exchanged looks. Then, we nodded at each other with determined faces. Finally, both of us smiled as we gave a thumbs up to Keita.


During this time, both of our hearts connected to each other. …Yes, even though this means-

< A newbie has to play like a professional with reverted controllers. >