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These investors finally accepted reality seeing how anxious Li Shi was.

Most of them were harboring a sure-win attitude and just dipping their hands in the cookie jar. There were many careful thoughts during the discussions. They wanted to push everything to Boss Pei while obtaining the best benefits for themselves.

However, no one was willing to take on this heavy burden now that Boss Pei was gone and Chen Kangtuo refused to speak.

Everyone understood their situation with Li Shi’s outburst. They would really be making ducks and drakes of this money if they did not put in any effort!

Li Shi took the lead. “I’ll start first. I’m going to open a horror-themed restaurant. I plan to make it look like a prison. Each private room will be a cell. The waitress in charge of delivering the meals would be pretty ladies dressed as jailers.

“Diners would be brought into cells with fake handcuffs. There would be no ordering process. The food would be served according to the number of people and taboos. The food would look a little scary like dark dishes. Drinks can be packed in plasma bags like blood.

“In addition, prison break performances would be shown regularly as a sideshow during dinner.

“As for the location... here.”

Li Shi pointed to a place on the map.

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Everyone and different expressions. Some nodded, some frowned, but no one spoke. Obviously, some people had doubts about this location, but they were unsure if they were right so they were too embarrassed to speak

Li Shi looked around at everyone. “This project will be finalized if no one has any opinions.”

No one spoke. Li Shi felt helpless. It seemed like he really could not count on them.

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Someone coughed when he was about to go on to the next project. “Ahem, ahem, ahem.”

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Everyone turned and saw Chen Kangtuo covering his mouth with a constipated face. Of course, it was not a real cough. He seemed to have something to say.

Everyone was waiting for him to speak, but they looked at each other for quite some time. However, he continued keeping mum.