Is it true that the mobile phone spread online is true?

Is it true that the mobile phone spread online is true?

“Is he C class student, or..?”

Then Ichinose responded to my words before I even get to ask further and I just nodded.

“Did you notice? He seems to be faithful to C class. He was saying that we’d better leave him alone, but I did not want to let him go. I have not heard what caused his situation because I do not want to talk about it”

Apart from Ibuki, another student run away because he opposed Ryuuen’s ways. Apparently it seems that it was picked up by B class. So maybe he found a place to offer something in cooperation instead of staying in a humiliating situation.

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“We also picked up a student yesterday, a student escaping C class”

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Horikita speaks as she has met Ryuuen a little while ago and has heard the details. It seems that this student is one of the two who rebelled against Ryuuen. Ibuki is the other one, who seems that she was also beaten.

After hearing all this Ichinose’s glare hardened as a determination to protect further her team.

“Let’s go now Ayanokouji. It is bad for B class, for us to linger around here, any longer”

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Horikita and I separated from Ichinose quickly, we started walking, leaving behind us the grounds of class B.

“Well, I cannot help talking about D class and the high compatibility of our members”

After leaving class and becoming unpopular Horikita’s words can be taken as a defeat. However, I have the same impression with Horikita. There is already a big difference between class B and class C. And it is not just a points difference.

“Well, it cannot be helped. B class has a special ability that D class lacks of”

“That is teamwork, right? B class seems to be the superior class. It is kept under control with a firm hand by a great leadership so it cannot be manipulated or be divided.”

In D class there is a selfish student like Kouenji who takes charge of the class team and runs away in difficult times and there is no student with the power to stop him. Meanwhile, Ichinose put together class B, which seemed to have a united force that did not get disturbed by a single string. That may be the biggest difference between D class and B class right now. The longer it takes the struggle for the completion of the exam, the more obvious the difference will become.

Coming out from the deep forest, a cave showed its appearance of what looked like a demon opening its mouth. There were two provisional toilets and one shower room near the cave.