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Upon entering, Pei Qian looked around the gym. Some trainers were preparing to eat lunch, and others were working out with the equipment. There was not a single customer in the gym, and none of the trainers had gone out to distribute flyers.

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It was a very satisfying sight!

Guo Licheng felt slightly awkward. Ordinarily, fitness trainers were not supposed to use gym equipment during working hours. In most gyms, fitness trainers’ priority was supposed to be training their students and selling training sessions. Maintaining their own fitness would not have been that important.

Guo Licheng had only allowed the trainers to test the equipment because there were no customers in the gym. Yet, Boss Pei happened to walk in just then. “Boss Pei, I was the one who asked them to test the equipment. I’ll gather them now and ask them to get back to work...”

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Guo Licheng turned around, prepared to ask all the trainers to gather back there.

However, Pei Qian quickly stopped him. “What are you talking about?! Isn’t it natural for trainers to work on their own fitness?!”

Guo Licheng, “Huh?”

In a strict tone, Pei Qian said, “As fitness trainers, you should obviously work on your own physiques first. If you can’t maintain your own physique, how are you meant to instruct others?

“What’s more, all the equipment would just be lying there anyway. Of course, you’ll have to make good use of it. “Let me emphasize this: as long as they’ve done their basic work, all trainers would be allowed to use the equipment during working hours.

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“You’re the branch manager. You should be setting an example! Your physique has to be the best out of all the trainers!”

Guo Licheng’s heart warmed at once. “Alright, Boss Pei! Would we... be allowed to use the equipment when we’re not working, then?”

Pei Qian looked at him sternly. “You can use the equipment when you’re not working, but you cannot be in the gym because you’re strictly prohibited from working overtime.”

Guo Licheng, “...”

Although Pei Qian sounded ridiculous, Guo Licheng still felt moved.

The previous gym had not treated the trainers like humans. Many trainers in the industry competed with one another intensely. One could sell a few memberships one day while another sold several training sessions the next. Every month, everyone would be kept on their toes. Sometimes, those who could not hit their quotas would even be fired.

The previous gym could not have cared less about the trainers’ personal fitness.