Internet community way to make money

Internet community way to make money

Not to mention cell phones and Fully-Automated Bickering Machine, not a single game CD was sold.

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There was even a big sister who was very angry and criticized Tian Mo. That was because the big sister felt that Tian Mo did not introduce the product properly and kept saying that everything about the product was not good. She did not respect her and made Tian Mo unable to explain himself.

The afternoon passed in a blur.

Zhuang Dong did not get involved in these things. He had been memorizing the rules on the sofa in the play area, observing and learning how Tian Mo received customers.

Zhuang Dong was obviously confused after observing for a while.

He might not know much about sales but he had bought many things since he was young.

He had never seen anyone who would talk about the shortcomings of their products.

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However, that was indeed what he was memorizing.

“Brother Gou, I’ve roughly remembered this rule. However, I have a question. Are you sure that this is what Boss said? Why do I feel that it’s so unreliable? We failed to sell anything in the afternoon! Boss won’t be angry, right?”

Zhuang Dong was obviously confused.

Tian Mo was confused as well, but he was 100%!s(MISSING)ure that Boss Pei had said those words himself.

“Why don’t we call it a day? Let’s have dinner and then go home to rest.”

“I have to think about what went wrong. Did I not understand Boss Pei’s true intentions?”

“This afternoon was really wasted. We didn’t manage to sell anything and only received a few praises. They said that our sales are very conscientious and that we know how to be considerate to our customers...”