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The problem was the Matsushita that was concealing her presence and hiding behind me over there.

Although I could just ignore her, it would be a problem if she spread the word about the situation between the Acting Director and me.

After confirming that Matsushita was still following me, I decided to wait for an opportunity.

Why was she following me? I needed to confirm the reason for that.

Although this was unlikely, I must also consider the possibility that she was working for Tsukishiro.

I don’t know if she was following me from the start, or sometime after that.

From this point alone, I distinguished it clearly.

If there were other issues I needed to consider, it would be where I should talk to her.

It was spring break at the Keyaki mall, and it was still morning, the time with the most people.

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If I spoke to her here, it would be too conspicuous.

As I planned how I would start the conversation, I decided to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

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One thing to be grateful about is the fact that Matsushita was my classmate.