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Even though she wasn’t able to get along with absolutely everyone in the class, it doesn’t mean she should desperately try to become friends with Horikita.

“I wanted to be friends with everybody… It’s not only class D, but with all the other classes too. However, if I can’t get along with one girl in the class, then I’ve already failed…”

“Just think of Horikita as being special. And then wait for a true coincidence to happen.”

Not something forced, but a real coincidence.

When that happens, becoming friends might become a possibility.

“Hahahahaha! You’re too funny, stupid!”

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During 2nd period math class, Ike was loudly chatting with Yamauchi. It had been three weeks since the entrance ceremony; in that time, those two, along with Sudou, were given the name “the stupid trio”.

“Ne ne, do you want to go sing some karaoke?” “Yea, let’s go—”

Nearby, a group of girls were making after school plans.

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“Even though people were nervous for a while, it seems like everyone’s opened up to each other quickly…”

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“Ayanokouji-kun, haven’t you also made more friends?”

Horikita asked me while she was writing down notes from the blackboard.

“Eh, somewhat.”