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Hao Qiong had been engrossed in something on his cell phone. It was the latest horror novel on Zhongdian Chinese Network, which had achieved pretty good results.

However, upon hearing Chen Kangtuo’s words, he quickly asked, “When?”

Chen Kangtuo was already on his feet, organizing various documents. “He’ll be here in ten minutes!”

Both of them quickly cleaned up all the trash lying around.

They were in a temporary office set up in the corner of the factory, which had been done up strictly according to the Tengda spirit. There were large office desks, a sofa, and a refrigerator. All in all, the office environment was very cozy.

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However, it was also usually messy at the same

There were random items like empty soda bottles, horror novels, and horror concept art scattered across the sofa and office desk. Chen Kangtuo feared that it would leave a bad impression in Boss Pei’s mind if he saw the scene.

Thus, both of them quickly packed up the entire office and restored it to its original clean state.

Not long after they were done, Boss Pei arrived. With a folder in hand, Chen Kangtuo welcomed him. “Hello, Boss Pei! Please, come in!”

The folder contained information on Thriller Hostel’s various projects including floor plans, design details for each project, renderings, sources of inspiration, project costs, contracts signed with various partners, and the like.

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Chen Kangtuo was sure that Boss Pei had come to ask about Thriller Hostel’s progress and several other details. Thus, he prepared as much as he could in the limited time.

Although he knew many things by heart, he could not go wrong with having the documents ready for Boss Pei’s inspection at any time.

Chen Kangtuo invited Boss Pei to sit on the sofa and then prepared himself to report Thriller Hostel’s progress.

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“Boss Pei, let me update you on the construction of Thriller Hostel first,” said Chen Kangtuo once Hao Qiong had served Boss Pei a cup of tea. Boss Pei took the cup of tea and sipped it. After hearing Chen Kangtuo’s words, he shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that. I have something important for you.”

Chen Kangtuo could not help but feel nervous when he saw Boss Pei’s somber expression. What important thing did Boss Pei want to tell them about? Judging by Boss Pei’s somber expression, the task was probably extremely complicated and difficult!