Is it true that the kind of brush comment on the online brush comment is true?

Is it true that the kind of brush comment on the online brush comment is true?

For instance, if it’s a written exam that tests academic ability, students would have to re-apply themselves to their studies. Even in the case of a physical exam, they would need to work out potential countermeasures.

There would be a lot of pressure on the students, no matter what kind of exam it was.

That said, even if several students were to express their dissatisfaction, the special exam wouldn’t just disappear.

Chabashira resumed her explanation.

“The content of the special exam is extremely simple, and the dropout rate is fairly low at less than three percent per class.”

A dropout rate of less than three percent.

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From what I could infer, it certainly seemed low.

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But perhaps, this supplementary special exam was different from the exams we’ve had up till now.

There was no reason for her to expressly bring up the dropout rate.

She had never brought up that piece of information in the exams we had taken before.

The students who noticed this harbored even further suspicions.

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When I briefly directed my gaze toward the girl in the seat next to me, our eyes met by chance as she had already been looking at me.

“What’s the matter Ayanokōji-kun?”

“No. Nothing.”