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"Ayanokouji, huh? Yeah, looks like it. The turnaround point was the limit for his legs".

Hashimoto explained in place of Keisei.

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It must be a burden on him having to hold up another person, but he showed no sign of minding it. He walked slowly while supporting him without any displeasure.

"This is pathetic......why can't I even do something like this.......?".

He seems frustrated, but he's already thinking differently from the old Keisei. I thought he found it difficult to understand sports and other miscellaneous exams since he believed academics to be the focus for a student.

Looks like his reason for stretching and running last is the same as mine.

"I'll help too".

Two's better than one. I went around to the other side opposite of Hashimoto and supported Keisei.

"...please wait. If you do something like this, both of you will be late for lunch".

"If we left you alone, you'd run recklessly, wouldn't you? You'd injure your legs even further and that's a problem for the rest of us in this exam. If we can lessen the extent of your injury by missing one lunch break then that's a cheap price to pay, isn't that right, Ayanokouji?".

"That's right, that might be true".

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"It's a coincidence that the two of us ran behind, so don't hold back".