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“Uh, Chiaki, you’re quite fond of Uehara-kun, right?”

“That’s true…”

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Chiaki still wouldn’t give a straight answer. Is she too embarrassed to say her affection? Well, I mean, it’s not like I don’t understand that…

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Konoha-san’s glare is stabbing me…Well, I’ll have to let it go for now.

“Sigh, h-he’s really suspicious right now. I guess it’s reasonable for you to hesitate for an answer, even though you two are falling for each other, that’s right.”

“Falling for each other, right…”

Chiaki’s mumbling face still doesn’t look happy…Hmm, don’t tell me Uehara-kun suddenly became unworthy. Chiaki’s way more depressed than I’ve expected. Sigh, this is hurting my brain…Eh? Hurting my brain? Why would I? Do I really hate Chiaki getting this apathetic? We’re rivals after all, why?

I fell silent with all these thoughts on my head. Then, Konoha-san looks like she can’t take it anymore as she slammed her head forcefully on the table. She’s the student council president. Indeed, she got the boldness.

“Personally, my only choice is to turn him down as soon as possible! You two have any better ideas?”


Although Chiaki and I really can’t stand the fact that Uehara-kun is treated like a shithead, he does seem to be guilty judging from the situation alone. We can’t really say anything aside from expressing our trust towards him.

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Also, the point that I can’t tolerate the most is that Uehara-kun already got a fantastic girlfriend called Aguri-san right now. If Chiaki accepted her confession…that would hurt Aguri-san deeply. To me, that’s the one thing that I absolutely can’t tolerate with.


…Yeah…that’s right. Okay, I can’t let that happen, no matter what. This means that I should…



I made up my mind as I crossed my arms on the table and looked at Chiaki in the eyes.

Due to my unusual attitude, Chiaki straightened her back as well. Under the observation of Konoha-san’s, who just swallowed her saliva, I told Chiaki clearly.