Is it true that online APP promoters make money?

Is it true that online APP promoters make money?

Hiding behind the large slash, I closed the distance without wasting any time.

In the first place, Flying Shadow is not a technique aimed at dealing damage.

Camouflage, Feint, Closing the distance – it’s an auxiliary-type technique.

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And just like that, I easily stepped into his certain kill range, and unleashed a decisive attack.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

When the flash which contained my body weight cut through the air, eight slashes bared its fangs.


He somehow managed to deal with five slashes, but…

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Three shots slipped past and caught his right hand and both legs.

The instructor, distorting his face in anguish, unleashed a crude, large swing on the spot.

I danced around it and avoided the attack with plenty of time to spare.