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「Ah. Good morning, Allen!」

Ria, who seemed more pleasant than usual, greeted me with a cheerful smile.

I felt a little refreshed seeing her in a good mood.

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「Good morning, Ria. Is that… winter uniform?」

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Taking a quick look at her, she was dressed in a different uniform than usual.

(Speaking of… It is about time to change the seasonal clothes.)

Today was October 1st. The day we shift from summer uniform to winter uniform.

「Y-Yes! What do you think…?」

She spun around on the spot and tilted her head, with slight nervousness showing on her face.

A short white dress which emphasizes her figure . And a warm black jacket on top of it. The chic outfit was well matched with Ria’s beautiful blond hair.

「Aa, it looks great.」

「T-Thank you… Well, let’s see how Allen looks in winter uniform, okay?」


After that, I completed my morning preparations quickly and was urged by Ria to change into my winter uniform.

「How is it?」