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"I feel the same way too, Katsuragi-kun. Let's get along".

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Standing at a close distance to one another, Katsuragi and Hirata both declare their intention to cooperate.

Looking at it from Class A's perspective, there are no benefits in teaming up with the lowest class, Class D. However, unless cooperation is established, teammates would end up pulling each other's legs. Rather than trusting each other like siblings, it would be more appropriate to say a pact is made so as to prevent disputes.

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"Hey, what's up with that girl......?".

Beside me, Ike softly whispered that. But it's not like I don't understand his urge to whisper that. I feel the same, and even Horikita probably does too. A single student from Class A felt out of place here.

But no one spoke out. Because it didn't feel like the time to do so.

"I believe each class has their individual strategies but---".

Regardless of whether or not he had noticed such a mysterious gaze and feeling from Class D, Katsuragi indifferently continued to speak as the inside of the gymnasium once again became rowdy.

"So are you saying you have no intention of cooperating?".

From slightly afar, a girl's voice reverberated through the gymnasium. Everyone's eyes turned towards her to see what was happening. That voice belonged to 1st year Class B's Ichinose Honami. Beyond her gaze, a class worth of students were making a move to leave the gymnasium. Among them, a single student who was walking with his hands in his pockets, turned around. It's Class C's leader Ryuuen Kakeru.

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"You do know I'm leaving out of goodwill, right? Even if I offered to cooperate it's not like you guys would believe me anyways. Ultimately it'll end up as a thorough investigation right? If that's the case, it's just a waste of time".

"I see. So you were thinking of saving us time. I see".

"That's precisely right. You'd better be grateful".

Laughing, Ryuuen began walking out with all the students of Class C in tow.

It was a scene that confirmed to us that there are no disruptions to the dictatorship of Class C.

"Hey, Ryuuen-kun. Are you confident you can win this time without cooperating?".

To the bitter end, it seems Ichinose is intent on cooperating with Ryuuen, as she tries pulling him back.