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I don’t know if that gal understands the situation or not. She grabbed the yellow headphone innocently.

Trashara and Tendou-san let out a shocked response right away. From their response, I finally have all the clues…I realized what’s going on.

“Of course, these two knew how the color arrangement works! Amano-senpai and the gal are probably waiting for their order!”

It’s going to be a big problem if you underestimated my wit. Even though I’ll have to back down to Karen Tendou when it comes to beauty, but it’s going to be another 100 years before you can win me at these little tricks. Don’t underestimate a low-profile hentai game fan!

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“From the responses of Tendou-san and Trashara before, the color code must be blue to red, green to yellow, and orange to white! This means that…”

Currently, I got the red one, so I need Amano-senpai to keep the blue one!

“Although I’m sorry for sis, who’s still doesn’t understand the situation, …we’re seriously competing with each other after all!”

I went up close to the shocked Amano-senpai and pulled his elbows. Then, I tossed him away from the table with other headphones.

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“Well, Amano-senpai will pick blue, I’ll choose red, and Aguri-san will pick yellow. It’s decided!”

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Just like what I’ve expected, Trashara and Tendou-san are showing a shocked face. Alright, …I’m moving onto the next level!

I left Amano-senpai and headed back to the table. After that, I grabbed the green headphone- and kept the person that’ll go with the gal.

“Ah, sis, I grabbed for you as well! Green fits you, after all!”