What is the platform that makes money like Qianbao?

What is the platform that makes money like Qianbao?

…However, that’s not totally a bad thing.

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It’s more like, including me, all professional players do something like this, more or less.

Especially when it comes to developing new metas and strategies.

So, I suddenly thought of something after knowing this side of her.

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Chiaki-san, …perhaps she does have a secret “weapon” that not even she knows of.

In the end, I didn’t manage to ask her about it because of that shocking incident.

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So, things started changing 2 days after that.

On that day, Chiaki-san bumped into me while we’re still affected by that kissing incident. Our hands touched when we’re grabbing the game in the second-hand area. That’s how we met, strangely.

That game is < Smash Bros. >.

So, I followed my strange instincts and half-kidnapped her back home. I brought her to my room and battled with her…

At that moment, my instinct turned into reality.

Yes, Chiaki-san does have a secret weapon.

That’s a secret weapon that not even Main-san knows, and that is-

“The return strategy developed by Chiaki Hoshinomori that no one on the net knows…”

“Yes, that’s why she could return from that distance. Surprised you, right?”