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Realization dawned on Zhao Xuming. “Oh, I’m sorry! My news might be delayed.”

Ding Gan smiled and said, “It’s alright. Let’s not stand here and do nothing. Let’s go in and talk, shall we? Please come in!”

Zhao Xuming and Ding Gan walked into the club while chatting and laughing. Manager Yang led the assistant and chauffeur that Zhao Xuming had brought along to receive them.

Both parties took their seats in the conference room.

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Zhao Xuming took a sip of his tea and exchanged a few pleasantries. He felt that he could get straight to the point.

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There was no need to keep them in suspense about something that was almost certain. There was no reason for the SUG Club to reject it.

Zhao Xuming had limited time. He had to focus on convincing the other clubs.

At that thought, Zhao Xuming said, “Boss Ding, to be honest, I have good news!”

“Currently, Finger Games is preparing for IOI’s world finals. What’s more, they place a lot of emphasis on the domestic market. That’s why they will give some slots to the local teams this time. There was an IOI branch in SUG to begin with. This time, I went against everyone’s wishes and convinced the upper echelons of Finger Games to give the club a slot.”

At this point, Zhao Xuming lowered his voice. “This is confidential information, please don’t spread it.”

Ding Gan quickly nodded. “Of course.”

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Zhao Xuming continued, “This is my thoughts. The current IOI branch of the SUG Club is quite complete, and the members are more experienced. We’ll consider letting the SUG Club take the lead and organize a training tournament.”

“As for the other clubs, we will talk to them one by one. However, the teams of these clubs might still need to be strengthened and adjusted. Thus, we might need Boss Ding and Manager Yang to be on the ball for organizing the training tournament.”