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Rose stared me in the eye and said clearly.

There was a strong determination and resolution in her voice.

In response to that desire, the sakura tree grew bigger.

I received her feelings and,

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「Understood, thank you.」

I said and started running to break through this room.

「You won’t get away!」

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「We will stop you here…!」

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The enhanced swordsmen jumped at me all at once.


The moment when I took a counterattack stance,

「Dance – Sakura Blizzard!」

The petals of sakura blossom, which looked like a turbid stream, swallowed them in no time.


Each petal was sharpened like a blade, and the single attack rendered more than 10 enhanced swordsmen unable to fight.

「Aa, thanks!」

With Rose’s support, I advanced through the laboratory.

I ran down a winding maze-like path. This time, I came into a room as big as a gymnasium.