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“Don’t worry about it. Everyone, curse it to death. This platform is completely playing us. It has no intention of paying at all!”

There were basically two types of people cursing online. The first was that they had found a bug, but the official platform did not reply. Obviously, they were going back on their word. The other was that the official platform was deliberately creating hype and casually wrote a bug, deceiving gamers to find a bug and using this gimmick to generate popularity.

On the other hand, the latter was basically influenced by the former. Many people scolded them, but they might not have found any bugs in the game at all. They were only incited when they saw that everyone else was scolding.

Pei Qian was pleasantly surprised.

Who thought of this event?

It was probably Meng Chang!

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Li Yada was so simple-minded. He only knew how to design games and probably would not be able to come up with such a bad idea.

What’s more, this kind of activity that looked good on the surface was actually a scam. It was very in line with Meng Chang’s character and motives.

This event was quite successful. At the very least, it brought up all the negative public opinion.

The only bad thing was, how could he not give them money?

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He had to pay him! No matter how many bugs they found, they had to pay him!

At that thought, Pei Qian immediately called Meng Chang.

“Hello? Boss Pei?” There was the sound of typing on the keyboard. Meng Chang seemed to be busy with something.