How is the student online counseling

How is the student online counseling

A lot of the ones who had finished running looked at me inquisitively.

"Ayanokouji! Aren't you a fast one! Have you been holding back until now!?".

Sudou, who came running over to me, forcefully slapped me on the back. Since he put all his strength into it, that hurt.

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"Running is about my only forte after all. But that was overdoing it. I guess this is what you'd call hysterical strength".

And not just Sudou, but also several students who were surprised by my run came over to me and called out.

"That still doesn't explain it. That speed, I mean. You liar".

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Slightly dragging her foot behind her, Horikita came over. She used her hand as though it were a blade and stabbed me in the abdomen.

"You guys, this isn't the sort of treatment you should be giving a soldier who fought his hurts".

Since Horikita came over to me, Karuizawa took her distance from me so as to not be a disturbance.

From afar, Sakura was also looking at me but since there's a crowd around me, she did not approach.

"If you had run like this from the start, then things would've been different. But why did you suddenly get serious? Now you'll be basking in attention".

That's exactly it. Unlike Hirata or Shibata, students who were already recognized as being fast from way back or Sudou, who's been giving it his all since the very start of the sports festival, I've been half assing it up until now.

That gap will definitely have an influence but that depends on the way you think about it.

It's not particularly difficult to make it look like tampering with the list on the participation table, keeping me in reserve until now and all the manipulations behind the scenes were all part of Hirata and Horikita's strategy.

It's particularly effective against someone like Ryuuen, who likes to outplay people.

"Looks like they're going to be announcing the results soon. Let's go".

It appears the results will be announced at the same time as the closing ceremony. All the students turned towards the giant electronic notice board.