Is it true that online selling things without purchasing?

Is it true that online selling things without purchasing?

Pei Qian took a look and fell into deep thought.

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However, these two pictures were obviously not enough to reveal the truth.

“Sit here for a moment and have some tea. I’ll make two calls to investigate this thoroughly! If it really is an internal leak, I’ll definitely clear your name!”

Pei Qian spoke so righteously that Meng Chang was a little touched.

“Alright, Boss Pei! I’ll wait here!”

Pei Qian pushed the door open and left.

He planned to give Qiao Liang and Yu Fei a call each before asking those who knew the inside story to find out the truth.

He could not possibly listen to Meng Chang’s side of the story, right? After all, Meng Chang was now doing everything possible to earn commission. It was normal for him to exaggerate.

It was not that Boss Pei could not bear to part with the 30,000 yuan. The key was that he would not be able to give the money out if it was not leaked.

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The agreement between Pei Qian and Meng Chang was regarded by the system as a “special employment agreement”. The money that he gave Meng Chang had to be recognized by the system. In this “special employment agreement”, money could be distributed in a different way, but it had to meet the terms of the agreement itself.

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In other words, the System had a special standard in this aspect. It had a higher degree of freedom than other employment agreements. Pei Qian could do many tricks, but these tricks were not absolutely free. They had to be limited.

It would also be the case now. He could only give him the commission if there was really a leak. He could not turn a blind eye.

Pei Qian sympathized with Meng Chang, but he had no choice. Rules were rules.

Meng Chang waited anxiously in Boss Pei’s office.

Boss Pei only returned after about half an hour.

“How is it, Boss Pei?” Meng Chang immediately stood up, looking very concerned.