What are the good job on the Internet?

What are the good job on the Internet?

I don’t really understand the reason either. …I was just lying to Uehara-kun when I said I’m training to become more beautiful. …Ugh.

I moaned as I ventured deeper into the second-hand shelves.

RPG, FPS, adventure, puzzles, shooting, fighting-


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During this time, I finally saw the game that reminded me why I came here. So, I slowly reached my hand out. However, at this moment…

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My hand touched someone else’s.

My pale hand is covering someone’s (warm and smooth) skin.

-It’s just like what happened on a particular day.

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Indeed, at that time, I’m- and “his” body is pretty stiff too. The boy’s hand won’t move, and he turned his head around to check…

When I thought about that, a wave of warmth ignited in my chest.

“Ah, sorry.”


Unlike that bittersweet otaku meeting, this time, the person withdrew his hand naturally.