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What are the libraries for making money online?

“Just a string of words could cause Big Boss Ruan to move to Jingzhou. He’s even bringing his entire workspace with him!

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“Is this the legendary method of luring artists over without offering anything?!

“You are indeed charming and attractive, Boss Pei.

“I have to give it to you!”

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Pei Qian received several messages, one after another. It was obvious how much Li Yada respected him.

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Once again, Pei Qian was at a loss for words. He wanted to say that this was a big misunderstanding. However, after typing a couple of words, he deleted them all.

He could only sigh inwardly.

This is so tough for me!

December 3rd, Friday…

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd… Tang Yishu cleared Glabella’s poop and filled up its food as usual. Then, she walked past Bao Xu and returned to her own desk.

Bao Xu’s monitor was displaying Zhongdian Chinese Network’s website.

He looked like he was so engrossed in an exciting online novel that he could not be bothered about anything that was happening around him.

However, the moment Tang Yishu passed him, he scanned his surroundings with the corners of his eyes to make sure that he was not within anyone’s line of sight. Then, he switched to the gaming program at once.

He scanned the edited document, saved it, and then sent it to Li Yada using the chat software.

Once he was done with everything, Bao Xu heaved a sigh of relief and continued pretending to read.

Switching back and forth between games and the program was slower and less convenient. It also placed Bao Xu at a higher risk of being exposed. Switching from an online novel website was far quicker.

Although research and development of GOG was ramping up, there was still a lot of designing work to do.