How to send coupons online

How to send coupons online

Pei Qian took a look. This place was not small; it was three thousand square meters. This place was actually around the same size as Tengda’s current office space. However, this place was split into two floors; each floor was a thousand five hundred square meters.

“I’ll explain the plan briefly; when this place is up, you two will be running it. The internet cafe would only be one of the services of this shop. I only want fifty computers. If there are more than fifty customers, ask them to queue and wait.”

“As for the price… ten yuan an hour; would that be too much?

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“I want to have a bar counter, all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as per a bar’s specifications. Zhang Yuan, you know how to mix drinks, right? Since there won’t be that many customers—if you have nothing to do, mix a couple of drinks for them, and display your skills. If not, you’d be bored anyway.

“Create a space near the bar counter to entertain guests. It can be a cafe in the day with some soft and soothing music. People can come to drink tea and play board games. In the night, it would be a pub. Zhang Yuan, you can be a house singer, right? If you feel like it, you can go and sing a few songs.

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“Also, separate a space and put some books. Order some books from online or a bookstore. If customers have nothing to do while resting and drinking coffee, they could even take a book to peruse and cultivate their feelings.

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“Additionally, let’s offer three meals a day! Didn’t this place use to be a cafeteria? There should be a rather complete kitchen here, right? However, do not keep the kitchen equipment they had used; I want everything to be new!

“Go online and hire a professional head chef. Don’t bother with French, Japanese, or other fancy types of cuisine; let’s do comfort food! Something like eggs and tomatoes, Yuxiang shredded?pork1, and shredded cabbage would be good.

“Let’s not have too many dishes on the menu; around ten dishes every month would be good. If you guys think that the dishes are getting boring, you can change the menu monthly.

“As for the price… it has to be more expensive than restaurants outside. After all, our head chef’s skills would be superb! Of course, we shouldn’t make it that expensive; thirty percent higher than normal would be good.

“A space on the second floor should be reserved for sales. Let’s sell some peripherals like mouses, keyboards, joysticks, etc. I want all to be imported, branded items! I don’t expect to make money from this; as long as we can cover costs, I am happy.

“Beside this space, let’s have a small-scale movie screening hall. It can serve as a private movie theater; ten-odd seats should be sufficient.

“En, this should be more or less it.

“Even though our place might be small, we’ll have everything that people would need; it’s perfect!

Ma Yang hurriedly recorded everything down. However, Zhang Yuan was flabbergasted as he heard Pei Qian speaking.

I hadn’t heard wrong, right?

This place was only three thousand square meters, right? If someone wasn’t in the know, they would have thought that Boss Pei had bought an entire shopping mall!

This was a major hotchpotch of ideas. Most importantly, who was the target clientele for all these different things? Was it people who were here to surf the net, here to eat, or here to drink coffee?