How to sell game coins online

How to sell game coins online

"Looks like you saw it after all, that time"

Beautiful eyes that seem to be sucking me in looked at me without letting go. It seems Ichinose is far smarter than I expected, she's seen through my plans.

"...sorry. While you were using your phone earlier, I just happened to see the screen. I got curious and just wanted to ask you" I replied.

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"'s not like I'm blaming you for it. Certainly that's a large amount of points, right?" Ichinose said.

That's right. Before even the end of one semester, Ichinose had already accumulated a large amount of points. Even if I save every point assigned to me monthly every day without usign a single point, I still wouldn't be able to save up that much.

"Don't worry. I haven't told anyone else. There's also the possibility that I saw wrong after all. I won't investigate further" I told her.

Even if I investigated, I doubt I would be able to get a satisfactory answer.

"Have you been able to find a way to win?" I asked.

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"Ummmm...I guess so. I think I've found a hint".

I thought there was no way she would answer honestly, but whether it be due to her confidence, Ichinose answered in a relaxed tone. It seems like Ichinose is the type to act on her convictions without wasting time after all.

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"Then this becomes a battle to see whether A will win or B will end" I said.

"I won't know that until the curtains fall. The victory I'm aiming for is---"

But before she could finish, as the time for the group discussion to begin draws closer, members of the group started appearing one after the other. The Class A students were the first ones to arrive, however, without so much as exchanging a greeting with us, they simply took their seats.

"What? You're already here, Ayanokouji?"

"Together with Ichinose-dono. Just the two of you. What kind of secret rendezvous were you planning here?".