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“But wait. Even though Ibuki stole my card, if I had thoroughly protected it……..”

Horikita recalled what happened on the day of the accident.

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“Did you drop the card on purpose in that occasion? Well, maybe also Yamauchi’s action gave way for Ibuki to prepare an opportunity to steal the key-card —-”

I was holding the muddy Horikita and I had no choice but to give up the key-card.

“I couldn’t do anything..not knowing what was Ibuki aiming at from the start……”

Right. I mean a girl named Ibuki was suddenly found and picked up by D class.

Firstly, it was necessary for us to know such a thing would be strange.

However, I was almost convinced when I heard a story about a boy called Kaneda who has been helped in the same way by B class. He was a spy sent in by Ryuuen. It wasn’t pleasant to hear that two people were helped by two different classes, all by chance. And it wasn’t pleasant to know that they were believed to be genuine.

“Furthermore, Ibuki has the habit of looking in a person’s eyes when speaking and lying”

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The bigger the lie, the more strikingly obvious this habit became.

“When you tell a lie, you look in the eyes of a person….Isn’t that normal?”

“Generally speaking, when you have a guilty conscience, you will avoid eye contact. But she’s the other way round. I think she talks with eye contact because she wants you to think that the lie is actually the truth. So maybe the person talking with her wouldn’t have noticed anything”

Even when the story of the underwear thief came out, she kept talking looking at me in the eyes.

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“Perhaps, she only had the goal of searching high and low for a key-card, and after that her goal changed to simply disturb D class”

What happened to Karuizawa and what was in Ike’s bag should only be seen as a mere coincidences.