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“To me, the judges should have thought more highly of Tomorrow is Beautiful than Journey of the Soul. An informal source said that the Palme d’Or was only selected after three rounds of voting. “Obviously, the seemingly settled awards have twists and turns where we cannot see. “Having won the Jury Prize-the widely-recognized second prize of the film festival, Tomorrow is Beautiful should have been a competitor in those three rounds of voting

“That’s why I raised the initial question. Why didn’t Tomorrow is Beautiful win the Palme d’Or?

“If you agree with the above, please continue reading

“To me, there are two reasons why Tomorrow is Beautiful lost to Journey of the Soul by an extremely small margin.

“First, there is an unspoken rule of international film festivals. As we all know, international film festivals prefer films that premier at the festival itself. That helps them to obtain better film resources and maintain the value of their own awards.

“Cannes Film Festival typically would not allow films that have already won awards at other film festivals or that were already well-known to be nominated. That would be equivalent to allowing others to benefit from their own name. It would not be fair to directors who were their ‘biological sons’those who only premiered their films at the film festival for the past few years. “Exceptions would only be made for particularly outstanding movies.

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“Tomorrow is Beautiful was coincidentally premiered overseas. Its only merits were that ticket sales were poor, and few people were paying attention to it. That was why it was fortunate enough to enter into the competition and ultimately won the award based on its own outstanding quality.

“Still, no matter what, it had not premiered in Cannes. That greatly discounted the number of marks that Tomorrow is Beautiful got in the judges’ eyes. The second reason is merely my guess. I’ll just say it, and everyone can read it with a pinch of salt.

“The content at the beginning of Tomorrow is Beautiful fit the judges’ taste, but the problem was... do you remember the post-credits scene at the end of the film? The one in which a pistol was thrown through the entrance of the male protagonist’s home?“As for whether the judges would have liked that scene or not... you are all free to make your own judgment. Tomorrow is Beautiful might have had a better chance of winning the award if not for that scene.

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“Finally, I have something interesting to share. Do you all know that another film was awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes in 1998? That was 13 years ago, and it was the same prize that Tomorrow is Beautiful won. “That movie was called Life is Beautiful, or La vita è bella.

“Compare that to Tomorrow is Beautiful.

“Both movies are thirteen years apart, have similar merits and similar names, and were awarded the same prize. There seems to be a hidden connection between them both.

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“The interesting thing is that, although Life is Beautiful was awarded the Jury Prize, its reputation among local movie fanatics was much better than the movie that was awarded the Palme d’Or in that year.

“All in all, we should be happy that Tomorrow is Beautiful was given an award at Cannes. However, we should not feel sorry for just winning the Jury Prize. The film is definitely worth more praise than we can imagine.

“Let us look forward to more and better works from Fei Huang Workspace, the light of the domestic film industry!”

[1] This is slang for citizen media.

After reading the post, Pei Qian fell into a long silence.

How the f*ck did this happen? I would tolerate this if Tomorrow is Beautiful had won the Palme d’Or and you wrote this post.