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"This looks like a good opportunity, why don't we ask each other questions we've been thinking about asking?".

I felt this was not such a bad proposal. I could also use this occasion to ask Hirata the questions I've been wanting to ask him yet could not.

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"Agreed~ Then I'll go first".

Upon expressing her agreement, Karuizawa immediately turned her gaze towards me.

"Did Ayanokouji-kun ever go out with someone before?".

I was asked that question just earlier by Hirata. No, to be precise, rather than ask me that he saw through me. I never thought that in one day, I would receive a similar question twice. Basically, I've don't have a girlfriend = pathetic. As a boy, such a prevailing view is pretty sad.

It's not something I could answer pleasantly, but Karuizawa and Satou's gazes were passionately concentrated on me. Leaving aside Satou, Karuizawa's attitude seemed like she was just completely playing around with me.

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"I don't have one right now".

Even as I answered honestly like that, I tried including an implication into it. If I express it that way 'I had one in the past' it could also be interpreted that way.

"Alright. Your age equals the number of years without a girlfriend, I got it".

I was intending on answering ambiguously, but as though that clinched it, Karuizawa said that.

"You know, Ayanokouji-kun. That's an excuse unpopular men use, I think it'll serve you well to remember that? 'Right now', including that makes it suspicious".

"Really? Even if I had a girlfriend in the past, if I don't have one right now, I think I'd include the 'right now' though".

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"Then you had one in the past?".

"No......I didn't".