Do you sell a different pet online?

Do you sell a different pet online?

There were only a few types of smart home products available on the market. Home products like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners were more practical. They were basically the world of traditional enterprises. It might not be easy to use them with the halo of ‘smart’. On the other hand, there were many sweeping robots, television, and other products. The possibility was slightly higher.

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However, the price of 5,000 yuan made many guesses less reasonable.

Take the sweeping robots for example. At most, they would be worth 3,000 yuan. Selling them for 5,000 yuan was a little ridiculous and unrealistic.

Everyone tried to guess, but none of them could get it.

What’s more, some old fans could vaguely sense that things were not that simple.

Everyone guessed that it was a conventional product. Did Otto Technologies look like a manufacturer of conventional products?

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Their brain circuit was not something that ordinary people could think of. After all, the previous product was something like the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine. Wouldn’t it be very disappointing if they released a regular product this time?

Chang You pressed the remote control again, and a long, wide, and high measurement appeared on the screen: 2 meters long, 1 meter wide, 4 meters tall, 2 meters tall, 3 square meters, 218kg in total.

There was no specific shape of the smart fitness drying rack on this measurement. There were only some dotted lines marking the measurements and parameters it needed to occupy.

Everyone was stunned once again.

The audience was obviously confused.

“What is this? It occupies such a huge area?”

“A standing air conditioner? A huge refrigerator? That’s not right. It doesn’t seem like it can take up so much space!”