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In other words, Dayak Corporation would no longer engage in any money-burning activities with Tengda in the future to snatch the market. Instead, they would use the remaining market share to launch various paywalls and squeeze the potential of IOI at all costs to recover the money they had invested as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to squeeze money out of IOI when its market share became too low.

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As for whether Finger Games’ higher management agreed? That was not important.

Finger Games was a 100%!s(MISSING)ubsidiary of Dayak Corporation. It did not have any say. The higher-ups could only choose to quit if they did not agree.

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Pei Qian could not sit still.

He was quite optimistic before he came. He felt that Eric might just want to come and catch up with him. Even if he encountered a small setback, he would be able to quickly overcome it. Then, everyone would burn money happily together.

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However, after hearing Eric’s words, Pei Qian realized the seriousness of the problem.

His best friend could not continue playing with him.

“Brother Eric, take care.”

After lunch, Pei Qian sent Eric off at the entrance of Ming House reluctantly with a disappointed look on his face.

Who could burn money with him so happily now that Eric was leaving?

Pei Qian felt melancholic at the thought that Dayak Corporation would probably not play with him in the future.

However, this melancholy had another meaning to Eric for some reason.

At that moment, Eric was already in a taxi, preparing to head to the high-speed rail station. He could not help but roll down the window like an old friend and bid Boss Pei farewell.

“Indeed, Boss Pei and I are two peas in a pod.

“This shows that I have won his respect as an opponent.”

Eric felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. It was a pride recognized by his competitor.

He knew very well that he would probably have to take the blame for IOI’s failure together with Dayak Corporation in the future.

In the future, when they bring up this period of time, they would probably come to this conclusion: Dayak Corporation was short-sighted and bought Finger Games, which had a bright future. However, they squeezed it dry in an extremely short period of time and finally caused a company that had hopes of becoming a global giant to die suddenly. Eric, who had been parachuted into the position of the person-in-charge of the China region, was the number one criminal. He had done a series of wrong moves to drag Finger Games down and give up victory.