Software that walks the way to walk the way

Software that walks the way to walk the way

“An obscene request.”

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“The progress is way too fast!”

I nearly splat all my coffee out as I stood up abruptly.

Amano still looked into the distance as he continued.

“Ay, …to put it simply, I’m already game over.”

“It’s a complete over! Your social life is in ruins, not to mention your place in the romantic comedy!”

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“T-This is just a misunderstanding, Uehara-kun. I…I was possessed back then!”

“There’s literally no misunderstanding! What kind of poor excuse is that! Keita Amano, you suck!”

“Uh, I thought that can cheer her up…!”

“You thought that can ‘cheer’ her up so you can bang her? That’s what a rapist would think!”

“Moreover, she was the one that seduced me first. I think she’s at fault too.”

“You’re a total prick! Everything terrible came out of your mouth today!”

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“Then, Tendou-san saw me doing that. …Now, I want to ask for your opinion, Uehara-kun. Do you think Tendou-san and I can still be back together?”

“I can’t believe you got the nerve to ask this right now! Are you insane! That’s scary! Keita Amano, even though I always felt that you’re crazy, but that’s too horrible!”

“…Hmm, …Uehara-kun, if it was you, I feel like you can use a more creative and relaxed tone to ask Konoha-san to do something erotic, right…”