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“Well, I know that you’re not the type of person who cares much about being in either Class A or B.”

Marking the end of their conversation, Nagumo stood up.

“Sorry for being a nuisance, Kiryuuin. Enjoy the remainder of your school life.”

Nagumo left her with those words, and prepared to leave.

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“Although I said I would put his evaluation at hold, I think he’s an interesting student.”

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“You wanted some answers about Ayanokouji, didn’t you?

One of the reasons for approaching her was to find out what Kiryuuin thought about Ayanokouji.

“Interesting? I think his personality is far from it.”

Kiryuuin laughed, as she saw that the fish had eaten the bait.

“There’s a saying, that a predator doesn’t reveal his fangs, right? He seems to have gotten a perfect score in a difficult test.”

“There are people who hate being in the limelight and hide their talents. I’ve defeated all of them, and they weren’t very interesting.”

After he said that, Nagumo turned his attention to Kiriyama, who was waiting for him.

“If I had to say, it’s his aura. I feel that he has a different aura from you and Horikita Manabu.”

“How abstract.”

“Then why don’t you test him?”

“Of course, that’s what I’m thinking of doing. In the next uninhabited island exam, I might be able to see his true power.”

“You seem to be bored ever since Horikita Manabu left. So this underclassmen should be a good playmate for you, eh? If you’re really serious, then you’ll definitely get 1st place in the upcoming exam.”