91IPO online entrepreneurship

91IPO online entrepreneurship

Chang You was confused this time.

Boss Pei actually asked Otto Technologies to develop an application for gym registration?The functional requirements of this application were very simple. It was put forward by someone called Guo Licheng. Customers could view their fitness data, make appointments for fitness, etc. Nothing more...

Chang You was very confused. Did they have to get Otto Technologies to develop something so simple? Our software team was capable of more complex applications. It’s just a simple app for gym registration that could be done by any team. Why did Mr. Pei give us this task? Moreover, this application was totally different from the general direction determined by Boss Pei previously.

The strangest thing was that Boss Pei emphasized that this software was not to be pre-installed in the cell phones.

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Chang You arranged for someone to carry it out the moment he received this request. However, he still failed to understand the meaning behind it after so many days.

Someone with no ambition would complete the fitness software without any question.

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However, Chang You was very sure that, after the success of the Otto E1 cell phone, the tasks Boss Pei personally gave seemed simple but definitely had other meanings to them.

Why would Boss Pei personally delegate the task out otherwise?

“Yes... I should analyze the method that Director Lin was talking about.

“This concerns Otto Technologies’ future direction. The cell phone industry is constantly changing. A single misstep could lead to a thousand wrongs. We can’t afford to be shoddy.”

If Chang You was the same person as he had been when he first came to Tengda, he would not have overthought things. He would have handed the task down to his subordinates and made sure that they did what was asked of them.

However, after six months of rigorous training, Chang You felt like he had learned a lot from Boss Pei.

One of the most important lessons was that one had to have a keen eye and a sense of direction!

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A famous entrepreneur once talked about the ‘Flying Pig Theory’. That meant that if one wanted to make it as an elite businessman, the most important thing he would have to do was look for the right opening.

The cell phone industry was undoubtedly the right opening in a constantly-evolving Internet age. Yet, not everyone would be able to benefit from finding this opening. Anyone who got distracted could easily be squeezed out of their competitive position, fall to their deaths, and break their bones!