Is there a risk on online making money?

Is there a risk on online making money?

Upwind Logistics had so many stores and delivery men. It was easy to pick out five people who were better at GOG.

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However, in the end, the representative team of Upwind Logistics lost to Dream Realization Ventures because of their lack of cooperation and tactics.

The express delivery men expressed their pity one after another. They expressed that they would train their skills well and try to torture them next year.

All the teams participating in the competition this time had small gifts and awards, including various peripheral figurines of the GPL league, the autographs of each team’s players, their team uniforms, and so on.

Of course, these small gifts would also be given to other employees who liked to watch GPL.

On the other hand, the champion team had obtained a custom-made internal competition trophy. It was still valuable even though it could not be compared to the GPL league trophy. It would be an eternal honor in Dream Realization Ventures’ office.

Some of the people were watching the internal competitions, some went shopping, some went to catch dolls and play with rings.

They bought milk tea or drinks and sat in the stadium to rest, waiting for the lucky draw now that everyone was tired from playing.

Other companies’ lucky draw had to be done while eating.

The reason was very simple. There were few prizes and the winning rate was low. The employees might not get prizes even if they waited for a long time so they had nothing to do other than eat.

However, Tengda’s lottery was different. There were many prizes and high chances of winning. Almost everyone would get one.

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What’s more, the rules of the lucky draw were the same as last year’s annual meeting. It was not a completely random probability but a false probability. Everyone could only win two prizes at most. What’s more, those who did not win the prizes would have a higher chance of winning later on.

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Everyone was nervous, excited and full of anticipation with so many prizes drawn out in just an hour. They would not feel bored at all.

Almost everyone had arrived at the venue. There wasn’t even a host on stage speaking rubbish. The program on the big screen started rolling as they started their lucky draw!