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Pei Qian briefly went through other information that was worth paying attention to after confirming the situation of the GPL league.

The information was compiled and reported by the person-in-charge of the various departments. Some of the information also came from the Manage Loss Trainees who were lurking in the various departments.

In fact, Pei Qian did not ask the heads of the various departments to sort out and report the information. However, these people in charge still reported it consciously because they were worried that something would go wrong with their work.

It was Boss Pei’s business for him not to ask, but it would be their business if they did not report the situations!

To the people in charge, it was a good thing for Boss Pei to give them full power since it represented his trust in them. However, that did not mean that they could do whatever they wanted.

Boss Pei was the highest in command in Tengda Corporation after all. Wouldn’t they be letting Boss Pei down if some projects went wrong, especially since he trusted everyone so much?

Therefore, the heads of the various departments were still very serious and responsible. They reported all sorts of information regularly.

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If Boss Pei did not raise any suggestions, everything would go on as per normal. If Boss Pei raised any objections, there would still be enough time for them to change their work plans immediately.

On the other hand, Pei Qian himself had to grasp these information regularly. Otherwise, what would he do if a certain department were to quietly make huge profits?

Thus, he still had to read the contents one by one even though he was very reluctant.

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Tengda Games and Fei Huang Workspace should still be fighting to the death with Mission and Choice. What worried Pei Qian more was that the plot of the game and movie was basically in Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce’s heads. Apart from the scriptwriter team and a few others, no one else knew about it.

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Even Lu Zhiyao, who was the main actor, could only get the script only when he was about to film a scene. The other staff knew what they were going to do, but they did not know the entire story.