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Is it true that reading a book can make money?

I strained my ears, trying to hear the conversation.

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「White rice, hijiki, dried sardines, vegetables and pickled daikon radish! A café needs to cook such dietary dishes of the Iron Cutting Style, right!?」

「Such dishes are not necessary! This is a Cosplay Cafe!」

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「Kuh… you blockhead! Naa, Oi, Allen! What do you think?!」

Tessa suddenly turned the story towards me.

「N-No… I think Tessa is in the wrong this time.」

Dietary dishes in a Cosplay Cafe… I have to say it’s a mismatch.

When I said that,

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「Nu, Gugugu… If Allen says so, then it can’t be helped.」

Tessa reluctantly withdrew his claim, gritting his teeth.

When the costume and the menu was decided, we started to practice cooking the dishes on the menu.

「Kuh… setting the omelette’s appearance is very difficult.」

「Gah! Why won’t the eggs roll up beautifully?! There is something wrong with this frying pan!」

「A-Ahaha… I don’t usually cook, so this is a little embarrassing.」

The girls were attempting『half-boiled fluffy eggs』, led by Rose, to make omelettes, but…

Unfortunately, it didn’t go very well.