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“No. There’s no way I’d be willing to accept something so horrible.”

The perfect honor’s student, well-versed in both sports and academics. A truly virtuous guy.

But despite all of that, Hirata Yōsuke’s weakness was revealed.

When the time comes and he’s pressured to make a decisive decision, he’s overwhelmed, unable to do anything at all.

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“I have faith in my decision to push forward here, regardless of whether you’re willing to accept it or not, so let’s take a vote. Here and now.”

“There’s no reason for us to do that. There’s no way to guarantee who people will vote for tomorrow.”

“That’s not true. It’s important to keep an eye on the voting trends of our classmates.”

“It’s pointless. Everyone… everyone’s trying to get someone expelled! I can’t…!”

Hirata was probably afraid that Horikita’s actions would spark a fire that would burn out of control, causing personal information such as ‘who hates who’ to be made public.

“Well then, everyone, let’s get on with it.”

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Horikita disregarded Hirata and once again attempted to take the vote.

Nobody could stop her anymore. It was the moment of truth.


A loud, unnatural sound echoed throughout the classroom.

Something happened that nobody in the room had even slightly expected.

Hirata had kicked over his desk, sending it flying forward as it toppled to the ground.

“Wha… Uhm, H-Hirata-kun?”

I could hear the voice of one of the girls, reeling in utter disbelief.